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Styling Your Hair With Flat Irons
Styling Your Hair With Flat Irons Photo

Flat irons are a versatile styling product. Most people are aware of their ability to create poker straight hair, but they can also be used to create waves and curls. Why waste money buying different styling appliances, when you can create multiple hairstyles with your flat irons? This article looks at how to use flat irons to style your hair.

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Curly Hair Tips and Examples
Curly Hair Tips and Examples Photo

Curly hair is a hairstyle that definitely splits opinion. Most of the time, it is a case of “the grass is greener”. Girls with curly hair often long for poker straight hair that does not need taming, while it is not uncommon for straight-haired women to wish that they had feminine curls. The desire for curly hair has been fuelled by celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry and Leona Lewis, and is now back in fashion.

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