Sarah Michelle Gellar’s French Braids Photo
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s French Braids
by Ashley Laurier on August 11, 2008

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar wore her hair in two elegant French braids for a red carpet event. This can be a tricky hairstyle to perfect, but it is a great look for both formal and casual occasions.

This article offers advice on getting the look for your hair.

The style


Separate your hair into two sections. Use the traditional centre parting as your guide for this, by parting your hair down the middle as normal and continuing the parting down the back of your head too. If this is done correctly, you should end up with two sections with roughly the same amount of hair in each. This is important, as it ensures that the French braids will be virtually identical in terms of width. Braid the top half of each section of hair, and secure the bottom half of each section together in a ponytail or bun. This should result in the top half of your hair being secured in two separate French braids that feed into one ponytail or bun.


This can be extremely difficult to do on your own, as you need to be able to hold the first French braid in place whilst you are creating the second French braid, and then holding them both in place while you secure them together. Although technically this can be done using hair grips, it is easier to have someone to help you as the hairstyle can quickly go wrong when you are trying to juggle so many different elements simultaneously. It can also be tricky to braid the hair so that the French braids lie flat against your head.


This is a good hairstyle for long hair that is not layered. For the hair to be successfully braided, it needs to be predominantly the same length all over. This will ensure a smooth and glamorous look. Layered hair is often difficult to braid or plait, as the hair is a variety of different lengths.


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