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Short Hairstyles
by Ashley Laurier on September 10, 2008


Short hair does not have to be boring. You might not have as much length to experiment with as women with mid-length or long hair, but you can still have lots of fun trying out different looks and styles. This article looks at some of the latest trends for short hair, as well as offering styling tips for short hair.


The Crop


When lots of us think of short hairstyles, the crop immediately springs to mind. Supermodel Agyness Deyn reinvented the style with her unisex platinum blonde crop, which has spawned imitations from the likes of Mena Suvari and Kimberly Stewart. Although Deyn's signature look is quirky and guaranteed to attract attention, the basic look can be customised to suit different face shapes. The layers of the crop can be longer or shorter, and the length of the fringe can vary too.


Short waves


You do not need to have long hair to be able to wear waves in your hair. Some women with short hair have a natural wave, but if you do not have this, you can always fake it to create soft, feminine waves. This can create an interesting texture for short hair, and works best if you have hair that falls beyond your ears. The easiest way to create this hairstyle is to use heated styling appliances. The "S Wave Thermal Set" curling system allows even short hair to be curled, as long as your hair can wrap around the rollers properly. The waves created are natural-looking for a girly look, but unlike heated rollers and curling tongs, they are permanent (you have to wait for them to grow out from the roots in a similar fashion to permanent hair dye), so it is only advisable to try this option if you want your hair to be wavy full-time.

Creating waves in short hair is not much different from creating waves in longer hair. Firstly, you should wash your hair and towel dry it. This will remove most of the excess moisture from your hair before you begin. If you are going to use a styling product (such as gel, mousse or heat protection spray),do so while your hair is still wet. Apply a little bit of product and work it through your hair using your fingers or a comb. Blow dry your hair, and separate off into small sections using hair grips. This will make it easier to create the waves, as you will be less likely to miss a section. If your hair is two to three inches in length, you might want to use curling tongs or heated rollers that are as slim as possible, so that you can be sure that your hair will easily wrap around them. The standard appliances are often designed with longer hair in mind, and you might have trouble wrapping short around the barrel. Once you have finished creating the waves, set them with a light hairspray.


Crimped hair


This is another good choice for creating texture and interest. It is best to select certain strands of your hair to crimp, or you can easily end up looking as though you have electrocuted yourself! Choosing random sections of hair from the front, sides and back works well, especially if you only crimp the middle of each section. It is best to avoid crimping the ends of your hair, as it can make your hair look frazzled. Crimped hair was demonstrated on longer hair by Beyonce. It can be done on shorter hair, but works best on hair that is veering towards mid-length, so that you have enough length to play with to create the contrast in textures.

Some hair straighteners have crimping plates, or you can buy crimpers (if you feel that you will get enough use out of them). Alternatively, you can create the same effect by braiding your hair into lots of tiny plaits and leaving them overnight. In the morning, this will have produced the same effect as using crimpers, especially if you braid your hair while it is wet. This will create a more intense look than braiding while your hair is dry. It will also minimise heat damage from using heated appliances.


Choppy layers


If going for the full chop feels too risky, choppy layers could be the ideal compromise for you. The length often varies according to your face shape, but the longest layers will usually fall somewhere around your ears. As the layers vary in length, you can create a "messy" hairstyle with minimum ease. This hairstyle creates movement and tends to have more volume than other short hairstyles. Subtle bangs are often a key part of this look, and they can be directed both on or off the face.


Styling tips for short hair


Short hair often requires the use of styling products. This will help to create the hairstyle in the first place, and hold it in place afterwards. Hair experts usually suggest applying a small handful of product (around the size of a coin) to wet hair. You can always apply more if you need to, but it can be a hassle to get rid of excess product if you apply too much.

Short hair does not have to limit your options, as there is a wide range of different hairstyles that you can try out. As well as experimenting with different cuts and textures, you can also have fun with hair dyes (for example, temporary and semi-permanent types) and accessories, as these can also brighten up your usual hairstyle.


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