Caring for Long Hair Photo
Caring for Long Hair
by Ashley Laurier on June 21, 2008

Long hair can look feminine and desirable, but many of us avoid growing our hair beyond a certain length, as we feel that we do not have the time to look after it, and keep it in good condition. This is often a misconception, as caring for long hair can be just as simple as caring for shorter hair. You do not automatically have to spend hours looking after long hair. In fact, once you know how to keep it in the best possible condition with the least amount of effort, you will probably be wondering why you ever thought you would!

Lots of people who have long hair choose to keep it in a ponytail because they are worried about damaging their hair if they wear it loose. Ponytails can actually damage your hair more, especially if you use an elastic band, or other types of coarse hair bands, as these encourage breakage. Clips, bows and untreated bands are advised against for similar reasons. If you need to tie your hair back, use a scrunchie or a hair band that has been professionally treated. The latter is often fairly expensive to buy, but it is worth the extra expense, as it will limit the amount of split ends in your hair, thus keeping your long hair in much better condition. If you can help it, do not sleep with your hair in a ponytail, as it will encourage your hair to become tangled. This will then make it more likely to break.

Make sure that your hair is trimmed at least once every three months, even if you are trying to grow it. This will get rid of split ends, and maintain its condition.

Use a comb, rather than a brush, as this will reduce the amount of split ends that tend to be caused by hairbrushes. Brushing causes the hair to stretch, which makes it weak, and more prone to breaking. A wide tooth comb is the best tool to use to separate your hair.

Detangle your hair before you wash it, as this will limit the amount of tangles and knots that you get after washing it. Drying and styling your hair should also be easier. The more tangled your hair is, the more damaged it is.

Avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel, as this only causes your hair to tangle and knot much more easily, thus damaging it further. It is far better to blot your hair dry using a towel, as this will remove excess water without damaging your hair.

Your hair can break during the night as you toss and turn by catching on your pillowcase. To avoid this, use a satin or silk pillowcase. Your hair will slide across this, and will not be caught in the material, so there is less chance of it breaking.

These tips should help you to care for your long hair to keep it in the best condition, without the need to spend hours doing so.


OlgaMoore wrote on

Great tips, thank you so much!

PS: are there any great treatments for the long hair?  Like hair masks and conditioners (except for the commercial ones?)


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Perriann Rodriguez wrote on

Taking care of long hair is so important.  Anyone that wants to get hair extensions should read this article about what actually is involved in taking care of long hair.

Thanks for the info!

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