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Attilio wrote on

hmmm as this video seems a few months old, hasn’t this chnegad now that google does indeed have access to twitter firehose and adds the tweets to it’s index in the new “latest” onebox (which rules by the way)? yeah, as twitter links are mostly nofollowed they do not get pushed to the discovery - but with firehose its a completelty new deal. it would be indeed stupid to not give these URLs the crawling, indexing and finally ranking treatment - as google pays good money for this kind of data and want to make search more real time. i think this video is a little bit missleading, yes, twitter links are nofollowed, FB is a walled garden, but now there is a new component to it, the latest onebox and what google makes out of this information, this new aspect is not adressed in this video. and even though it is another ballgame this video will lead to future uncertainty.

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