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Perfect Emo Hairstyles
by Ashley Laurier on September 10, 2008

An "emo" hairstyle is one that stands out from the crowd. It is closely linked to punk hairstyles, but the emo hairstyle is often more unique than this. It can take a variety of different forms, but the idea is to create an eye-catching hairstyle that is unique enough to attract attention. There are some ground rules that you can use to help you to create a basic emo-style look, but the most important part of the emo hairstyle is being individual and expressing your own style and identity through your hair. Generally speaking, emo hairstyles are not held in place with hair accessories.


Emo looks for short hair


You do not need to have long hair to have an emo hairstyle, as short hair can easily be moulded into an individual style too. For short hair, spikes are a popular style. There will usually be spikes at the back, but the front of your hair will often have blunt-cut bangs that fall just above your eyes . Having your hair fall across your face is a typical emo style, and followers of this look will often spend significant time and effort creating it. In most cases, the hair will be brushed to one side so that it falls across one eye. It is possible to "train" your hair's parting to fall in this naturally, if you encourage it to do so for long enough.


Emo looks for longer hair

For longer hair, as messy look is often preferred. In particular, long bangs that fall across one side of your face (as would be the case with a long fringe that is pushed to one side). Many people assume that the hair will be blunt-cut at the ends, but many emos opt for a layered look instead. Bangs are not essential, but they are the basis of many emo hairstyles.



Experiment with colour

This is a key part of the emo hairstyle, particularly if your hair is blonde. This enables you to try out different hair colours, such as, plum, blue or pink. Alternatively, you can dye your hair jet black or dark brown, and add a coloured tinge (such as plum or electric blue) on the lower half of your hair. This will invariably attract attention, especially when combined with an eye-catching hairstyle. Generally, it is better to have dark hair, as this is seen as more in keeping with the emo look than blonde hair (even if it is heavily highlighted with various colours). However, if your natural colouring is blonde hair with pale skin, this can leave you looking pale and ill. Unlike the "gothic" look, a deathly pallor is not essential for the emo look. If you are a pale-skinned blonde who wants to adopt the emo look, booking a consultation with a stylist is a good idea as he or she can advise you on how the trend can suit you without going too extreme. You do not have to experiment with different colours, but it is considered important if you want to look like a "true" emo.


Styling and maintenance


Emo hairstyles tend to require a lot of styling and maintenance to keep them looking good. This generally involves blow drying and straightening your hair to a sleek finish, and using styling products and hair dye to achieve the desired look. This can be time consuming and fairly expensive in the long-term, but it will ensure that your hair retains an individual feel. To create and maintain the emo look, typical styling products include hair gel, sculpting gel and hairspray.

As far as creating an emo hairstyle goes, there are no set rules. It is completely up to you, so you can have fun producing crazy and individual hairstyles that reflect your mood or personality. Not all emo hairstyles will automatically suit your face shape, so it is not always a good idea to have a fixed idea in your mind as to which kind of hairstyle you want. It might look perfect on someone else, but that does not mean that it will look right with your features. As the emo look revolves around being quirky and individual, it is better to slightly alter your preferred look so that it better suits your face shape.


Jessica wrote on

sorry i dont have a website but i think your intrest in finding and creating your own hairstyles is a great way of expressing certain things on your creative side. i share the dream as you and if we could in any way get in touch i would very much like if we could talk about some of my ideas for a new cut. 1i think you would very much like the trend but it is new and will probly need some time to get used hair right now is at shoulder lenght and so i need to let it grow out before i make the cut. this cut if specially for people with a heart shaped face.  expecting w/b, Jessica
                                Blessed Be!

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Doro wrote on

I’d like to express a short comment.
You were saying that emo and punk hairstyles are slightly related to each other, but you can easily distinguish one from the other. I disagree to you on this part.
I’ve tried doing some little experiment. I’ve uploaded a picture of a guy I thought was wearing an emo hairstyle on a punk/rock forum and on a emo forum.
Guess what: 80% of the folks on the punk/rock forum considered the guy’s hairstyle to be punk and over 90% of the voters from the emo forum thought his hairstyle was emo.

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